Friday, July 17, 2009


We have arrived in Kandersteg! I am reporting from one of the computers the scout centre provides, which has a very different keyboard than I am used to. For example, the 'y' and 'z' keys are switched, and all the symbols are in the wrong place. But enough about computer hardware -- let's talk about the trip.

Everyone arrived soundly at National Airport, but the flight to New York got delayed by 45 minutes. Eventually, we managed to take off, but upon arriving at JFK, we were told that the President was taking off, so all air traffic was frozen until that happened. That meant we were stuck on the tarmac for over an hour, and we ended up pulling into the gate at 9:30.

After running to the other side of the airport, we managed to just make the 10:00 flight to Zurich. But then that flight got delayed for an hour due to missing "paperwork". However, thanks to a very gracious tailwind, we landed on time in Switzerland, despite all the delays. A two-hour train ride later, we had made it to Kandersteg.

Unfortunately, it has been raining all day here. Including the bit where we had to walk the mile from the train station to the scout centre, and when we were setting up tents. Thankfully, the forecast is expected to improve over the next few days, so hopefully we can keep things (relatively) dry.

On to crate stacking!


  1. GREAT to hear you are THERE ! I was watching your flight on 'flightaware' and could tell along with others that 'all' was strangely delayed. your plane also made a giant loop off coast of new jersey. with no weather issues, I was wondering why the massive delays and figured it was simply air congestion...not thinking it would be POTUS. Good luck with the keyboard and try to stay dry OR, have fun in the rain! Hello to all from the U S of A.

  2. Glad to hear you all arrived safe and sound - if a bit damp. Is there such a thing as a flight without delays? Looking forward to hearing about all your adventures and triumphs.

  3. Benjin does your VISA work there? Please let me know. Have a GREAT time!!!