Saturday, July 18, 2009

Saturday: Crate Stacking

Today, we went crate stacking. The point of crate stacking is to stack as many milk crates as possible. The catch is that you are standing on the tower of crates while you are doing this. To make things even complicated, some of these crates are somewhat cracked, due to the fact that they have been falling from heights of about 20 feet. Really, you need to see it to understand it, which is why you can view photos of it on the sidebar.

We went in two groups -- one in the morning, and one in the afternoon. I went in the morning group, so I have a better idea of what happened then. It was drizzling for basically the entire time we were there, which made conditions somewhat slippery, but other than that, we managed to fare quite well. Mr. Youmans and Chaz managed to stack all 24 crates, a feat that our guide for the activity had only seen once before over the summer. I personally managed 18, which I felt to be quite a feat in itself. After about 10 crates or so, the whole tower starts to wobble, and you really have to keep your balance. The afternoon session also fared well, though no one managed to make it all the way to the top.

Lunch consisted of a ham and cheese sandwich, and then some of the adults who went to the morning crate stacking took a hike up to one of the nearby huts (I'm not even going to try to spell it). Meanwhile, some of us (me included) hung out in the Chalet, where we played a game called Irish Snap that an exchange student from Australia taught us.

As for weather, it rained in the morning and afternoon, but around 5:00 or so, it dried up for the first time. However, the common theme has been the cold. According to the forecast posted by the scout centre, the expected low for last night was 4 degrees (about 39 degrees Farenheit for all you people in the States), and the high today was to reach 12 degrees (54 Farenheit). It's supposed to be a little warmer tomorrow, but it's not going to be much of a relief for those of us going tubing and rafting tomorrow.

We're soaked, but we're still enjoying ourselves.

Friday, July 17, 2009


We have arrived in Kandersteg! I am reporting from one of the computers the scout centre provides, which has a very different keyboard than I am used to. For example, the 'y' and 'z' keys are switched, and all the symbols are in the wrong place. But enough about computer hardware -- let's talk about the trip.

Everyone arrived soundly at National Airport, but the flight to New York got delayed by 45 minutes. Eventually, we managed to take off, but upon arriving at JFK, we were told that the President was taking off, so all air traffic was frozen until that happened. That meant we were stuck on the tarmac for over an hour, and we ended up pulling into the gate at 9:30.

After running to the other side of the airport, we managed to just make the 10:00 flight to Zurich. But then that flight got delayed for an hour due to missing "paperwork". However, thanks to a very gracious tailwind, we landed on time in Switzerland, despite all the delays. A two-hour train ride later, we had made it to Kandersteg.

Unfortunately, it has been raining all day here. Including the bit where we had to walk the mile from the train station to the scout centre, and when we were setting up tents. Thankfully, the forecast is expected to improve over the next few days, so hopefully we can keep things (relatively) dry.

On to crate stacking!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Where We're Going

Before we leave, I figured that I'd post a couple of maps of where we're going. So without further ado, here's the scout centre in relation to Switzerland:

And here's the huts that we will be staying at during our hikes:

Departure Information

Yes folks, it's almost time to leave the USA for two weeks. We will be meeting at National Airport at 3:30 PM for the 6:10 flight to New York City, where we will connect to a 10:00 flight to Zurich. We'll land at 12:40 PM (Swiss time) tomorrow at Zurich, and from there we'll be taking the train to Kandersteg.

So the next time you'll be hearing from us, we'll probably be completely sleep-deprived and jet-lagged, but we'll be in Switzerland, so it's all worth it, right?

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Hello everyone,

I've now set up a photobucket account for pictures that I'll be updating and uploading while on the trip. If anyone else wishes to share pictures with folks back home, just bring your USB cable and I'll go ahead and upload them onto the account for you.

On the photobucket page, you can look through all of the pictures the old fashioned way, or you can use the nifty slideshow I set up on the top left.

Now onto the link to the page:
And the link to the slideshow:


Monday, July 13, 2009


Hello everyone!

I am Harry, the official blogger for Troop 1018's trip to the Kandersteg International Scout Centre in Switzerland. It's currently four days until we depart, but I figured an introductory post would be useful. As some of you may know, we went there three years ago (Go here for that blog) and had a really awesome time, so we decided to come back! I (and Sam, my co-blogger for things that I do not partake in) will be reporting approximately daily with what our troop will be doing. So check back here to follow us on our journey.