Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday: Thun, Sun

Today, we were supposed to be rafting and tubing, but due to the high water from all the recent rain, it got cancelled. So instead, most of us took the train to the city of Thun, located on the Aare River and next to the Thunersee (or Lake Thun, I guess).

Part of the reason we decided to go there was because of the international barrel organ festival there, and throughout the city, there were barrel organs playing music everywhere. We heard classical music, and we heard ABBA. In addition, several of us went to the castle at Thun, built around 1200, back before Switzerland was its own country, while a few others went on the giant Ferris Wheel in the middle of town. And while we didn't go tubing or rafting, Jimmy did jump off one of the bridges and managed a quick swim. We ended up spending about four hours there before heading back.

In what was a great relief to everyone, it stopped raining during breakfast, and it stayed nice and sunny all day. Many of us took the time to dry off our stuff, and it quite possibly managed to hit 20 degrees today (that's 68 for you Americans)! The temperature's supposed to be in the high teens or low twenties, with a chance of a little rain each day. But it doesn't seem like it we will have the constant rain that we dealt with yesterday and the day before.

So onto Monday, this time with a hope of sun.


  1. Too much water?? hmmm, last time it was 'not enough water' for hydroplaning (or whatever that was where you could be dragged in wetsuit behind a boat!) But, sounds like the trip to Thun was fun non the less and Jimmy got to dip in the water for 'all'. Were the fearless Swiss floating in the water regardless?? Great to hear that you have seen the sun as our forecast from afar says you should see it more this week ;-) ENJOY

  2. To Chaz:
    Wo ist die ski schule?
    Wo ist die kuchen?
    Wi ist deine Deutch?

    from Gaspar B