Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday: Canyoning

Today, most of us went canyoning. Basically, one goes down a canyon via several ways, including rappelling, jumping, and sliding down natural water slides and waterfalls. You would never see this in America because not only would there be a million liability suits, but you could never find a canyon good enough to do it. However, in Switzerland, where there are many Alpine valleys due to glacier runoff, there are ample opportunities.

We woke up for an early breakfast and caught the train to the town of Boltigen, located a couple of valleys over. There, we got fitted into wet suits and were sent on our way. However, due to the heavy rain a few days earlier, a lot of gravel had eroded from the nearby mountains and had accumulated in the river. That meant we had to go around some of the jumps, since no one wanted to land on pointy gravel. We spent about an hour and a half in the (cold) water, and everyone managed to have a good time, it seemed. And no injuries!

Tomorrow, most of us will be going mountaineering, while a few of us will hit up the chocolate and cheese tour. After that, we will be hitting the serious hiking. The weather's been beautiful the past few days, and we all hope that it will continue.

P.S. Chaz should be posting an entry about what he did yesterday soon. So hang on for that.

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